Never in my life will I take for granted a good central air system, because it is absolutely scalding here! Every time I mentioned being from Florida the standard response  is “oh so you’re used to this!” but no…no I am not. There is no heat like the heat rising off searing hot pavement, which was litereally so intense the other day it was starting to burn my feet through my shoes. We’re downright spoiled in Florida – sure it gets hot but we’re never more than 20 feet from the nearest pool, icy cold AC-ed room, or car, also with a fully functioning AC. We dash from the cooled off house, to the cooled off car, so that we can drive to the beach. Poor us. Here there is no escaping it – the city, the packed subway, its just hot everywhere.

Most of my time has been spent in what I like to imagine (it makes it slightly more romantic,) a very Gatsy-esque manner- wearing the lightest clothes I can find, sipping iced pelligrino, fanning myself off as I listlessly try to read a book sitting right up next to the AC unit. I think it’d be a little easier to take if I were sprawled out on a couch, sipping a mint julep in one of those great white mansions on the shore of East Egg,  but it’s as close as I can get.

Recent haul from the Rittenhouse square weekend farmer’s market. Beets are my newest food obsession.

When it’s this hot I see no reason not to eat baked french toast (recipe here) for breakfast and lunch, which is exactly what I did today.

Lunch by the famous Philly LOVE statue. Next time I will be jumping in.

City gardens are one my favorite things to stumble upon on a walk.

Stay cool everyone!