This past week has been chalk full of rainstorms, beautiful flowers, hummingbird cake, new earrings, a new bathingsuit and lots of beautiful sunsets.

Monday was my mom’s birthday so we celebrated by going to Carrabba’s for dinner and returning to home for cake and presents.  Too bad we’ll have to wait until my November birthday to have another cake (an excuse will have to be made up pretty soon!)


getting ready to go out – World Market has the best earrings!

I got a new bathingsuit at Target last week – it’s so nautical and chic and I can’t wait to wear it to the beach this summer!

I’ve been craving fruit all week and was so happy to find that the blueberries in the garden are ready!

and this cantalope was scrumptious –

Springtime makes everything look yummier 🙂

it makes everything look prettier too!

Storm clouds rolling in for the afternoon shower…

The sunset last night was incredible!

Alright.  That settles it.  Things are just prettier in the springtime.