Or, as I should say – finally! It’s funny how life works out – I distinctly remember saying, half my life ago or so, how once I turned 21 I would only have one more year to shop at Forever 21, because how lame would it be to shop at a store called that when you were 22?! How ridiculously old, I thought. Well my little former self, not sure I’m gonna be sticking to that plan…hate to break it to you. I can’t imagine giving up my favorite source for all things cheap and of-the-moment in just under a year from now.

In the spirit of getting old, I’ve spent this St. Patty’s day, the biggest drinking day of the year, not guzzling green beer, but sleeping in and listening to Mika and Lily Allen, which reminds me of my senior year of high school, which makes me feel extremely old. Which I guess I am now, right? Remembering that wonderful, carefree summer before my senior year when I lived at Wakulla Springs and listened to “Grace Kelly” by Mika and Ratatat’s “Wildcat” every waking moment really makes me feel ancient, and it seems crazy that highschool should seem soo long ago.

First legal night out on the town...whoop whoop!

Sinfully good (vegan!) chocolate cake with ganache...

Birthday treat mani. One of two in my life..I'm fancy like that.

B-day dinner heels are a must

Hope you all had a happy St. Patty’s Day and Happy Birthday to all my fellow Pisces out there (is it just me or are there a crazy amount of Birthdays in March? Popular month!)