Yikes…averaging one post a month is pretty lame eh? Promise I’ll work on that…

January is allegedly the most depressing month of the year; grey and dismal,  drenched in gloom and already-fading resolutions, but all in all it didn’t seem too painful to me. Though I realize of course, this might be different if I lived in a part of the world where winter meant cold weather (not sundresses and flip flops.)

Cruising right along into February, I’m a tad puzzled on the whole boycott-Valentine’s-day attitude that seems to run rampant this time of year, inspiring certain local bars to thrown annual “Valentine’s Day Sucks” parties, and candy companies to stamp mean little jabs onto candy hearts. Seriously…if you’re really angry and bitter about love and all, a pastel candy heart with “Jump In a Lake” written in food dye isn’t going to do the trick. (However, might I recommend kickboxing – my new favorite thing, which might just help.)

I for one, will be eating as much chocolate as possible while wearing lots of pink – nothing awful-sounding ’bout that! I’m taking a leaf out of Amy Poehler’s book this year and celebrating “Galentine’s” Day with my best girlfriend! It should be, as Amy Says (on Parks and Recreations,” a national holiday. Lets make it happen people!

Joy The Baker has the perfect rose flavored cupcakes - good for your gal date and yourself of course!

Jason Wu for Target has some pretty Galentine's Day appropriate blouses, in pretty soft pink.

How amazing would it be if pink Repetto flats were at all affordable?! I want one in every color...they look like candy:)

Of course you'll need a fab updo for a night out with your date, gal or otherwise. This one's super girly and pretty, no?

And there's no better time than G-Day, as it will now be known, to rock the super red lips. Even if you're a little weary of the fire-engine red trend, this holiday's the perfect excuse to give it a go.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Galentines or Valentine’s day, filled with chocolate and the people they love, whether it’s a best friend, a significant other, or a box of candy and a ticket to see The Vow with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams (don’t judge me, it’s totally on my planner.)  xoxo