There is just something about Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The book, the movie, anything to do with Holly Golightly – I’m just completely obsessed with it. So you can see why I got ridiculously excited and had to share when I found out Holly’s New York apartment from the movie is up for sale!! That’s right, for a mere $5.85 million, you could live right where Ms. Golightly threw her wild cocktail parties (complete with the foot long cigerette holder,) drank champagne with Paul (while Cat watched from his perch,) and kept her collection of alligator shoes and black dresses. How I would love to spritz on perfume (kept in the downstairs mail box of course,) and dash outside to hail a cab. Quel fabulous!

*So apparently most of the interiors were filmed on a sound stage, but whateverrr…a girl can dream. If i had 5 or so million dollars to spare I would simply redo the inside (complete with sparse furnishings and an bathtub couch) to look just like her apartment.

If you could live in any movie/book character’s home, whose would it be? Personally, I’m quite sure that living in Holly Golightly’s apartment would be enough to keep away any case of the mean reds (or blues) for me!