I am a very bad blogger. I realize this. In my defense, these past two weeks have included 7 back to back days of morning to night rehearsals, three performances of The Nutcracker (the most fun I’ve had in years,) and inordinate amounts of fake snow, sequins and toe tape. Somewhere in there Thanksgiving also happened, which was a wonderful and much-needed break for my sore feet, and allowed my face a brief chance to breathe without an inch thick coating of makeup and fake eyelashes.

I don’t even understand how it ended up being December, but it is, which means it’s (past) time to start holiday shopping, dressing up in sparkly party dresses, and of course, planning for New  Years, which for me means the third annual jump into Wakulla Springs at 10am on New Years Day! (A natural spring in town with a 15 or so foot tall jumping platform. A 1st of the year tradition for me and a brave group of my friends.) It’s definitely a refreshing way to start the new year off with a bang, in an icy, teeth-chattery, hypothermic kind of way.

Here’s what’s been cooking and happening ’round here.

Shiny, pointe shoe-ed feet taking a break from rehearsals

An assortment of merlitons and flowers backstage

My first attempt at a sweet potato pie


and Ida's attempts to snag a Thanksgiving dinner

A super simple and delicious homemade pudding I'm dying to try

Hearty and filling mushroom bourguignon - recipe coming sooon...

Gorgeous holiday Banana Republic ads make me want to dye my hair red again...sigh.


Hope everyone is having a happy December so far!