With only one week of regular classes left before finals, I’m at the point where it’s just about impossible to stay focused on school. My mind has apparently already left for vacation. Unfortunately for me, there’s the slight issue of the remaining 5 or 6 (I refuse to count) papers to be turned in, oral exams, presentations, and final exams to be taken. Doubly unfortunate, is the fact that really all I can think about is my end-of-the-week reward of a Starbucks peppermint mocha that I’m so looking forward to, and mindlessly watching every episode of Sex and the City with absolutely no studying or flash cards that require my attention. On that note, I should probably get back to editing essay #5…

It’s times like this that the following poster really needs to be hanging on my wall.  I first saw these for sale in London two years ago, and now they’re allll the rage.

But admit it, how much more hilarious and awesome is this version? I think much more…

Just a wee bit more fitting for the week before finals, I’d say….

And on that note, how funny of a present would this glass make for someone who needs a little cheering up, or just always looks on the bright side?