While technically there’s only about 10 minutes left of this one, I was thinking today how peculiar it is that suddenly, for the first time in my life that I can recall, Monday’s are actually the very best day of the week. Shocking, I know. It’s amazing what a shift in one’s biological clock can do for the school week; getting up at 6am for my ACTs and SATs was literally something to be dreaded for WEEKS, and now I do it every day and actually feel semi rested (thanks especially to the lovely time change.) Classes are done for me before 10am, and with the day off from work, I actually have time to get things done, rather than mope around and whine about how I hate mondays, which I realize is usually the attitude towards the first day of the week.

In other news, rehearsals for The Nutcracker are in FULL swing now, which means 10am-5pm every Saturday and soon Sundays as well, and it’s starting to hit me that I actually have to dance in front of people verryy soon…for the first time in 4 years. 50% super excited, 50% nervous wreck.

Here’s what else is new.

Little red riding Ida, all snug as a bug.

Standard lunch as of lately - sauteed peppers, onions and tofu crumbles topped with salsa, avacado and a little grated cheese.

sweet potato sushi is the best thing ever fyi

new shoesss

and new shoes....:)