Sorry for neglecting the blog for a while but this past week was insanely busy!  Halloween was on Monday, my 16th Birthday was on Tuesday, I had school during the week and Nutcracker rehearsals on the weekend.  It seems like every time I thought I would have 30 minutes to do a post something, or someone would need my attention!

Anyhow, I had an amazing Halloween:

My Carmen Miranda costume took a few months to complete, but it was definitely worth it!

Chica-Chica Boom Chic!!

you can see it on my Chictopia profile (I entered it in the I Die for DIY Costume Contest)

I stayed at home, handed out candy and watched Dancing With the Stars with Mommy!  A little girl asked me if I was a model – it made my night!

My Birthday was amazing as well!

beautiful sunset on the way to my birthday dinner!

vegan, chocolate birthday cake - yummy! I'll definitely be posting the recipe 🙂

I got some amazing new shoes from Modcloth:


Several fashion books:

(like this one from Modcloth!)

I also got a Forever21 dress from Emmy (you can see it in the picture of us above), awesome patterned tights, an incredible vintage hat and lots of other fun nick-nacks!

Well, there are the highlights from my week!  I would love to hear what your week was like!!