I am pleased to say that fall weather is in full swing here – it’s actually legitimately cold! And by cold, I mean that I am no longer able to comfortably wear flip flops every single day of my life, and my thin summer-y blanket is almost not enough to keep me warm at night. And let me just say, how all the sorority girls on campus get away with their winter uniforms of furry uggs over skin tight leggings with a North Face fleece hoodie is beyond me; I tried to walk across campus the other day in leggings and a super cute gingham shirt-dress and was so miserably cold that I literally had to abandon my study plans and come home for warmer clothes. (I feel an entire post on sorority girls and their clothes coming on btw…)

A cold, snuggly Ida. She's not adapting well to the cold...and it's only day two..oh dear.

I am greatly looking forward to a weekend full of cuddling up in my warm bed to watch movies, drink tea and plan for Halloween. And speaking of Halloween, to everyone who keeps asking me, NO I will most definitely not be going to see Paranormal 3 this weekend. My Halloween plans involve the great outdoors, a tent, and a bunch of friends who are already pros at freaking each other out. Rocky Horror Picture show is as scary as I’m getting. No sane person watches Paranormal and then goes and sleeps in a tent, wouldn’t you agree? I’m getting creeped out just thinking about it….

If I manage to pry myself out of bed for long enough, pumpkin bread pudding (from Smitten Kitchen’s recipe) is also on the to-do list, although how that goes along with my self-imposed low sugar low carb diet plan is hard to say, but I think that plan was already shot when I ate two bagles today within an hour. Oh well.

Hope you guys have great weekend, what’s on the top of your to-do lists?

I'm super excited to pick out pumpkins from the pumpkin patch tomorrow, it's tradition:)

Sunday nights are literally the highlight of my weekends now. My obsession with this show is getting really out of control...

How cool is this whale tea towel? Last month's reading was Moby Dick, this month i'm on to Ahab's wife, and for all my complaining I'm totally getting into a huge whaling, New England, early American kick. Yay for lit classes! (I'm a dork.)