Ok, ok, so maybeee not all THAT recent, but comparitively speaking, this could still be called (somewhat) recent news. I’m just not ever gonna be one of those uber organized, together people who somehow manage to work full time, blog every. single. day. and somehow also manage to have perfectly done nails. I don’t get those people…lately I’m doing good if my fingernails are just trimmed and if I can stay awake for the whole afternoon (which today, I cannot. I just felt asleep sitting up doing homework, but it’s Friday.)

I’m so excited for this weekend, purely because for the first time a couple months I have nothinggg to do saturday OR sunday morning! I’m thinking I’ll sleep past 7…it’s gonna be amazing. Sounds like a wild and crazy weekend, no? Other plans including knocking out the (hold on let me count…) 5 essays I have due next week, and studying for two tests. And then somewhere in there I’d really like to see either Drive or the Ides of March, and possibly take a stab at some jean shopping, since it looks like we’re finally, finally, finally done with shorts weather here:)

On a totally unrelated note, anyone else getting super excited for Halloween? I know it’s early but I can’t help it, I’m positively itching to go buy some of those cute mini pumpkins and the Martha Stewart halloween issue and get planning:)

Ida being just a little dramatic after her recent surgery...she convinced me to make her homemade chicken soup, I mean look at that little face!

Brussel sprouts are the perfect fall vegetable, especially when roasted in balsamic vinegar and salt & pepper

brown sugar apple muffins make a very nice breakfast to grab at 6am when complicated breakfasts are out of the question...

i call this one kitten in a pot. who knew terra cotta pots were so comfortable..apparently they are.

fact: brownies are sometimes a much better medicine than any prescription. i made these after 3 antibiotics had done no good, and i'm convinced they helped me get better.