Although one would be hard pressed to detect much of a real twinge of coolness in the air, here in still-muggy Florida, the thought of fall officially being here (or at least on it’s way,) is still encouraging and exciting nonetheless. So far, we’ve had a few crisp, cool days, but for the most part we’re still stuck in that annoying in-between season where it doesn’t feel right still wearing summer shorts, yet realistically it’s still way too hot for the jeans and leggings most people get to wear by late September. By the way…what the HECK, how can it already be September when it was just New Years eve, like yesterday? Scary….

My favorite part about fall? The food of course! I’ve been making a mental fall cooking list in my head since about June it feels like, and I’m getting super stoked at the prospect of actually getting started on it. Here’s what I’m looking forward to this fall….

The Starbucks pumpkin spice latte…..I feel that I have avoided this cliche long enough. I’m giving it a try this fall.

FYI...did you know the name "Starbucks" comes from the character Starbuck in Moby Dick? Ah the things one learns from lit class...

Apple cake from Smitten Kitchen. I’ll be making this one soon, and I cannot waittt, it’s gorgeous and no doubt delicious. Just look at it…

Joy the Baker’s brown rice pudding must be attempted. I have a serious thing for rice pudding, always have. I guess it’s one of those things that people either love or despise, like tapioca pudding. I happen to adore both equally:)

And what’s fall without some hot apple cider? I have the best memories of drinking steaming hot cider around a bonfire at a neighbor’s house when I was little, and it’s high time I try making my own. I’m planning on trying Martha’s recipe, which is full of nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice.

And last but not least, I’ve been meaning to try out Nigella Lawson’s butternut squash pasta for a while, but it’s odd ingredient list and general fancy schmancy-ness scared me off. This year, I’m making it no matter what. How can anything with butternut squash anddd blue cheese possibly be bad? I don’t think it can be…

What are you guys most excited about this fall??