Generally speaking, this last couple of weeks have not perhaps been my finest. Not only have I practically abandoned my blog, I’m now home sick from work and school. Turns out my mysterious “cough” that has been getting worse and worse for SIX WEEKS now, is in fact pneumonia. Way to go doctor #1 for telling me it was just a cough and that there was nothing wrong with me…you were wrong.

Lets see…broken hand, check. Minor wreck resulting in whiplash, check. Pneumonia, check. Thus far, 2011 has not be particularly stellar in terms of health, but then again, it could be much worse. The worst is over I hope, and now I just get to lounge around watching Masterpiece Theater and power-reading Moby Dick for my lit class, while I wait for my antibiotics, breathing treatments, inhalers, and steroids (yes steroids, for my lungs,) to kick in. Combined with my standard self-medication treatment of ramen noodles galore and masterpiece theatre, hopefully I’ll be up and running again soon.

In the meantime, while I eat my weight in soup and study my spanish flashcards and read about giant white whales and crazy old sailors, here’s a few other things I’ve been up to….

ida likes to lounge like an egyptian. ida is a silly silly little creature...with strange, apparently comfortable sleeping positions

this one could be called, "my life in a nutshell." or, the "life of an english major." or, "portrait of a non-existent social life due to excessive homework." and yes, my bed is my desk.

just as soon as my spanish adjectives have been memorized (boorinngg, but I have a test on friday,) i am totally watching the season premier of this show tonight. it looks hilariousss

everything tastes exactly 10 times better in a glass bottle. it's just a fact. additional fact: sneaking 3 glass cokes into a movie theatre in one's purse creates a terribly suspicious sounding clanking noise

you'd think i'd be sick of soup by now, but not so. i have a craving for french onion soup somethin' FIERCE, and this one from smittenkitten looks amazing. it's at the top of my to-cook list.