Last weekend my mom and I went on a trip to the Junior Museum (technically it’s called the Tallahassee Museum, but I grew up calling it the Junior Museum so the name stuck even after it officially changed!).  After a really stressful week, we decided to pretend that we were out of town, no one knew us and we were visiting from some far off place.  The result was a truly lovely afternoon filled with laughter, picture taking, beautiful animals, hummas and baby cokes!!

Here are some pictures from our trip – enjoy!!



When I first saw this sign, many years ago, I thought it said “Others Will Bite!”


Me and my beautiful Mommy ❤

The top of the gazebo

The caboose

The farm house….

I hope you enjoy the pictures – make sure you visit the Junior Museum (The Tallahassee Museum) if you get the chance 🙂


*All pictures taken by moi*