At the beginning of the summer, I made myself a list of goals on a sheet of notebook paper and pinned it to my bulletin board where it couldn’t be ignored. At the top of the list was “read at least 4 novels just for fun” – something I hadn’t done in an embarrassingly long time, despite the fact, and also due to the fact, that I am English major. People tend to think that English majors sit around and read Hemingway novels all day I guess, when really, between all the books and power points I have to read for class, I’m hard-pressed during the school year to find time to read anything that I’m not being tested on. Sad but true. Until this summer, the last time I had read much of anything just for fun, was probably in my gap year between highschool and college. Let me tell you though, if getting some intense reading is ever your summer goal, may I suggest breaking a bone? Seriously, nothing like a cast that can’t get wet to keep you out of the pool, off the beach, and glued to a book. I ended up surpassing the original goal of 4 and reading 6 novels this summer..I surprise myself sometimes.

Here are my picks of reading for this summer. Widely varied as you can see, but I enjoyed each one from cover to cover and definitely hope to find a little time in between the stacks of homework this semester to actually read, just for fun.

from top left, clockwise: Stay, The Violets of March, The Help, The Sun Also Rises, The Dirty Life, Water for Elephants

What are you favorite summer reads?