Two years ago this day I was just leaving London, where I had spent two weeks eating my weight in clotted cream and scones (turns out clotted cream is basically extra fattening butter, and scones apparently should be pronounced “scons” not “scones”.) I had also somehow forced my vocal chords to pick up something of a fake British dialect, which somehow managed in two short weeks to inflict everyone in our traveling party, no doubt making us sound like the phoniest people in the U.K. I didn’t care though, I adored London. I loved the drizzly gray weather, and the afternoon tea and the Waitroses and Sainsbury stores with their funny little bags of “crisps” and pre-packaged Cornish pasties that taste better than anything you can get in a grocery stores in the states. Even their drugstores are cuter. I’ll always remember, because it was so hilarious, a bottle of nail polish I picked up at a Boots (the Walgreens of England)  in a train station – it was a metallic grayish-pewtery color called “posh trash.” Something about it was so British and hilarious, I had to get it.

Until we meet again London… here are some of my fondest memories.

adorable pub signs

mummies at the british museum

proper high tea

cute cars

giant clocks on fleet street (home of sweeney todd)

bizarre modern art out by the streets

15th century pubs

much needed reminders for us tourists