This week was, as I’ve mentioned, an utter drama fest, and Im almost, almost looking forward to school starting in a way, only because the daily routine of it will seem relaxing to a person who likes order and routines like myself. however i’m enjoying these last few weeks of summer, which no one can say wasn’t eventful, to say to the least.  in the meantime, i’m hoping to finish novel #5 for this summer, pack in a couple more pool/beach/springs trips, and take a few naps, because there’s nooo way in heck i’ll have time for those in a few weeks time.

here’s a brief look back at some of the high points from the last week and a half.

I probably haven’t laughed this hard in a movie theater in a very long time. Lately I’ve gone into the movies expecting to be disappointing but this was a nice surprise. And who knew movie tickets were only 5 bucks during the week?

a really good girl’s day out panera lunch with the little sistahhh

followed by delishhh cupcakes from lucy and leo’s. it was vegan cupcake day, so we had to go!

watching my friend’s band perform outside at the monthly first friday festival

my baby is getting all big and grown up:( lately she’s taken to pulling out the couch stuffing in mouthfuls to pad out her shoebox bed- i think she’s nesting. someone’s gonna have to break it to her that’s she’s not having kittens..

a gorgeous day at wakulla springs, the only body of water that’s cold enough to actually be refreshing when the bank signs around town read 107.

my pretty red rose i got as a nomination for the member service awards at an employee awards party for work.