I think it has something to do with the sickening late-summer feeling of school fast approaching, but lately all i can think about is how much i’d like to get out of this town. i’ve always considered myself something of a homebody, but lately i miss everything about traveling; living out of a suitcase, trying new food, even airport layovers, complete with bad bagels from the airport food court, and frantic searching for suitcases that always seem to get lost. i’d welcome any and all of it at this point. i literally am longing for the panicked feeling of rushing from one gate to the next, trying to catch a flight. oh and the usually horrid ear-popping i always get when a flight takes off. i’d even like a tiny pack of peanuts and cramped up legs.


because taking off for new york or phily or europe like i’d love to do isn’t in the cards right now, i guess i can just reminisce with some pictures of past adventures. lets head back to barcelona, shall we? it’s the next best thing.

sagrada familia

covered markets

rooftop views

gorgeous gaudi architecture

yummy pastries

ocean so blue it blended into the sky

hope you enjoyed our mini trip. where would you go if you could go anywhere??