So, as you can probably tell from the title above, I’ve had a very colorful couple of days.  I bought a brand new purse (leopard print), slept with my hair in rag curls (with the help of a lovely tutorial from – I highly recommend it!), painted my nails with Revlon’s Sweet Tart nail polish (it was very reminiscent of the days when I played with Barbie and gave them “makeovers” : drew on their faces, painted their nails and gave them hideous haircuts…I never understood why what was left of their hair didn’t just grow back!), played with Miss Ida (by “played” I mean sat there and took pictures of her while she slept), and had an all around good time!  Oh, and getting a Tiffany & Co., silver honey dipper from a good friend of mine didn’t hurt (technically it belongs to my mom, but she gave me permission to blog about it!)!!