today im home sick from work, with an achey neck and a mild case of whiplash from getting rear-ended yesterday. while it obviously hurts, it’s pretty much nothing compared to what bad shape i could be in right now, so i feel pretty lucky right now. it was the very first real wreck i’ve ever been in, so more than anything it shook me up pretty badly. i almost wish it had been at least partly my fault, because then at least i would have some control over making sure it never happened again.

on the upside, my camry is apparently a tank. the guy who rammed into me was driving this altogether stupid looking, transformers-esque yellow sports car, and it was definitely a tad worse for wear after ramming into my bumper. my good old ’92 camry however, is barely scratched. hehe..

while i’m sitting here popping motrins (dr. approved) in what is HOPEFULLY the last of a long string of dramatic injuries this summer, i realize i’m actually extremely lucky. i don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but recently i’ve been super whiney about…..well, like everything. wahhh i don’t make enough, whineee i’m so broke, i can’t afford new clothes, blah blah blah. cry me a river. seriously, i should stop. i feel like a lot of people around me, and most of all myself, are stuck in a hardcore negativity streak. yet all of us all living in nice places, with AC and food and gas in our cars and jobs. all of us have made it this far, which is nice when you consider a lot of countries where the life expectancy is still like in the 40’s. i can afford to occasionally buy things i don’t absolutely NEED to survive, which for 99% of people in the world, isn’t an option. i have a bed, even if it’s just a mattress on the floor, i have food, which yes, is sometimes cheapo college student food, so yeah, boo hoo i don’t get my hair or my nails done weekly, and my purse was 10 bucks from target. who even cares? most importantly though, i’m not living somewhere where i have to be scared for my life all the time, i’m healthy, and i’m not starving. i think any person who has those three bases covered, should feel pretty darn thankful.