a good chunk of the past few days was spent mourning the loss of our local borders, which is closing in a couple of days. literally the only good bookstore in town, it’s been my#1 hangout spot for years; THE place to kill time and relax with an iced coffee and a stack of books, or to go on a rainy day when you had nothing to do. i have countless memories of time spent studying, or meeting up with friends before a movie or dinner. we all went there this past saturday night and wandered around in a daze, trying to accept the fact it would be the last time. the shelves were already just about empty, and the cafe was already closed down. it might sound melodramatic, but it was literally my very favorite place in town, and the thought that i will now have no place to just go and wander through stacks of books, and will only be able to order books online from now on, is super sad. i really can’t imagine this town without it….:(

pretty much the rest of this past weekend was spent trying to distract myself. donuts and ice cream were consumed. yay for stress eating! here’s a brief glimpse of the past week.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5wcLl13a8s – Click link to listen

lots of cole porter was listened to while i blogged, played with the kitten, and hung around the house during my two half days off last week. nothing can ever beat the classics. why don’t they make music like this anymore??

my mommy brought me back super cute vintage bouys from the coast, which go nicely with the new nautical theme that i’m attempting to deck out the apt with.

french bread and really good cheese make for a nice night in.

ultra cheap, cute j crew shirts finally arrived! my financial goal was once to be able to afford j crew…now that i’ve accomplished this (and realized it’s actually rather cheap when on sale…) i guess i’ll have to set new goals. banana republic maybe?

and speaking of bargains…i got this little bag from target, which looks KINDA like the mulberry bag that i love so much, which costs roughly what it would take to keep a small country alive for a few days. i love target…