i’ve had books and magazines on the brain all weekend (explanation in next post…) and although as an english major, i try my best to fill my head with at least somewhat decent examples of writing, i have to admit i have a weak spot for some of the “trashier” types of literature. fashion magazines and light summer reading would definitely be a guilty pleasure of mine, and sometimes there’s just nothing as nice as sitting down with a stack of vogues or marie claires. i can’t help it…i’m girly.

on that topic, i recently stumbled across these photos from my very favorite issue of vogue. ever since i saw out of africa the first time, i’ve been obsessed with african landscapes and safaris. these have to be the most gorgeous pictures i’ve ever seen in a magazine – nothing trashy about these. makes me want to wear shirtdresses and sturdy boots and go on a safari. take a look….

the picture on the left reminds me so much of meryl streep and robert redford in out of africa

i saved my very favorite for last. this is, in my mind, the perfect photograph. it combines many of my favorite things - antique typewriters, tough looking boots, and cats.

the best part is, the room in the last picture isn’t even a set, it’s a real place! cottar’s 1920’s safari camp is located in the massai national reserve in kenya, and is kept in the original 20’s condition. it’s a popular place for weddings, photo shoots, and people who are lucky/rich enough to vacation at (only $860 a night! my goodness i think i’d die if i ever got to stay here…sigh.)

sometimes i can't believe places like this really exist in the world....

what an beautiful set of photographs. i’m not sure exactly what it is, but something about the scenery, clothes and gorgeous landscape in these photos is very inspiring, in a way i can’t exactly put my finger on.

what photographs/scenery/landscapes inspire you?