first of all – this week has been insane. anyone else REALLY looking forward to the weekend? 13 hour work days, random sinus headaches (i think this entire town is mildewed from all the recent rain…) and inexplicable bouts of insomnia are not exactly my idea of fun, especially when combined. ugh. however! it’s almost friday…which is my half day this week! yesss! anywho, onto more important matters…such as sharing with you guys my long overdue “easy being green” post 2.

i’m not gonna lie – i love grocery shopping. something about making an organized list, and then seeing each item checked off in speedy succession is just super satisfying for a list-making-freak like myself. i’m someone who likes to get things done, and grocery shopping is often the only project i have time to complete lately…

however, one thing i’m not so fond of is seeing people pushing their buggies out of a store, loaded down with about 20 plastic bags- each one containing maybe 1 or 2 items. everyone knows those plastic bags will sit in the dump, or in the woods, or wherever they end up forever…so why are we still using them? it kind of makes me angry that stores haven’t just done away with the plastic option entirely. this is a cause that has ticked me off since i was literally 5 or 6, ( i was an extremely headstrong little kid) when i decided to write to all our local publixs, with the suggestion that their baggers ask people “is paper ok” instead of plastic, which i still think is a perfectly reasonable request. i mean, why not? it even further angered me to only get a routine, pre-written letter in return, telling me to read up on their totally unrelated brochures. in other words, they probably never read my letter, or just didn’t care.

in the spirit of reusability…here’s my very favorite reusable bag. with bags this cute, there’s REALLY no reason to answer paper OR plastic.

this anya hindmarch bag was all the rage a couple years back, and i still love it. originally released only in england, and sold at whole foods stores, people literally lined up around the street to get theirs when it first was released, and it soon made it’s way into the states, and all OVER ebay, where i got mine. it’s officially the only “designer” handbag i own…how fitting.

who would have thought a shopping bag would be so trendy? that’s keira knightly with hers, and a quick google search will bring up about a million pictures of other people with their bags, including basically every celebrity. all the hype aside, they really are just a good, sturdily made bag. and they’re still all over ebay, (including much cheaper, and just as cute knockoffs,) if anyone of you guys want one for your own!