Lets get one thing straight – there is a difference.

I consider myself somewhat of an expert on this topic, and feel the need to clarify the matter, because getting them confused is almost as annoying as when people use the terms vegetarian and vegan interchangeably (it’s not that hard people! vegetarian = no meat, vegan = no animal products at all)

For example; (and this of course is purely hypothetical, it’s not like i would everrr dream of using examples straight from people i know…) cheap, is when you have something akin to a deep-rooted hatred, and in some cases fear, of spending your hard-earned cash. people who are “cheap” rarely shop, and certainly don’t enjoy it. when they do decide to plunk down some cash on something, you’d better believe it’s on sale, and often used. as a side effect of going so long in between purchases, they will often temporarily lose it, and in a fit of cheapness, combined with rusty shopping skills, purchase, say 7 pairs of identical jeans, just because they’re on sale. or purchase something no one really wants, just because there’s a deal going.

thriftiness on the other hand, is another beast entirely. thrifty people may exhibit signs of apparent cheapness, which is why they often mistakenly are labeled as such, but thrifty people purely have an eye for saving. unlike cheapos, they often love to shop, but do so armed with coupons galore. nothing makes a thrifty person happier than scoring $70 bucks worth of loot from, say, victorias secret for a mere $10 bucks. not that i’ve done that or anything.

ok fine, yeah i have. and until today, that was probably my biggest victory. then, on my way home from work, i decided to stop by goodwill, and noticed a 50% off all clothing signs. score! here’s what i picked up:)

1. a liz clairborne white button down blouse with pretty detailing, for $2.50

i also got a really nice, sort of chambray-ish american eagle men’s dress shirt for the boyfriend, for $5 bucks.

in addition, i happened to find american eagle khaki pants in just my size, that i’ve been needing for work. i just tried some on in the store, that were $49 i believe, and these were $2.50. not too shabby.

in keeping with the spirit of thriftiness, which this week has been an excellent week for, i got THE most adorable tunic on jcrew, on sale. the very last one i believe.

originally 80 bucks, but i got it for $19.99. i can’t waittt to wear it to school in the fall.

the moral of the story is this; don’t be disheartened if you, like eliza and i, would have had to have been born millionaires to accommodate your tastes, or if the plan b. idea to marry a millionaire didn’t pan out either. it’s still totally possible to get cute clothes. hoorah for thriftiness!

and in other news, this little punkhead played in the sooty chimney while i was at work, and had to be scrubbed with soap. she has been VERY bad, and knows it.