it has been my observation that whenever there’s a short 4 day work week, as was the case last week due to it being the 4th of july, the following, standard 5 day week always seems extra long and terrible to get through. this was absolutely the case this week – i thought it’d never end. most days lately, i start working at 8 am, and don’t get off until 8 or 9 that night, so believe me when i say i’m ecstatic that it’s the weekend.

and no, i did not go out and party last night, for those who asked, and yes, my major plans for this weekend involved making brownies and sleeping. oh and reading a book. exciting i know.. wanna make something of it?

at any rate, here’s a glimpse back at the highlights (or at least the moments that happened to coincide with me having my camera on me.) hope you all are having a relaxing weekend:)

it’s not summer without watermelon! lotsss of it was consumed this week, but i want to eat at least 10 more before the end of the season. that’s the goal.

perfect summertime peaches. i do love roadside farmers markets. these were sooo good, so perfect, and i was having so much fun photographing them…and then this happened.

i swear that cat is going to take someone’s eye out one of these days. she moves at a speed just fast enough to see her coming, barely, but too fast to take cover before the strike. it’s very unnerving…

in an effort to slow the appalling rate at which i go through cell phones, a 2 dollar case was purchased, to protect my recently purchased EIGHTH phone. (R.I.P. phones 1 through 7. causes of death include; 4 cases of water damage, 2 cases of sweaty palm moisture damage, and the most tragic of all, death by hot air balloon. the open flame fried it. i don’t make these things up.)

mmm and last but not least, cold leftover pizza from decent pizza, the best place is town, definitely brightened up my week just a bit. yum:)