As you all have obviously noticed by now if you’re reading this post, we’ve changed up our blog layout a little bit! wordpress is tricky to navigate for blog rookies like us, but we finally found a layout we both like, so hopefully you guys think it’s an improvement too! stay tuned for more changes….we’re both total newbies at this whole blogging business, but now that we have our layout looking a little closer to what we originally envisioned our blog looking like….next up on the agenda isss….

ta da! on hold at the local library as we speak! that’s right, i’m a complete dummy. i have nooo problem admitting that, but i’m determined to change that. hopefully this little book will help…..

and, just as a little side note, eliza and i are both pleasantly surprised and pleased at the response our blog has gotten so far. our original goal was just to have at least one reader other than our mother, and we’ve managed to meet and surpass that goal – so thanks a ton! we really do appreciate you guys reading our little blog. stay tuned for bigger and better things (see above book,) and please help us spread the word. the more the merrier!

a little heart for all of you readers:) thanks!