fall fever

Here are some of the few reasons I should not be looking foward to fall:
1. i spent all of last fall complaining about how freezing i was everytime it got below 70 degrees. (i’m a florida girl.)
2. trudging across campus everyday bundled up in knock-off uggs, and three layers of clothing all crunched up and pinched from a 20 pound back pack is not exactly my idea of fun.

3. i spent the better part of last semester online bathing suit shopping and envisioning how tan i would be after a summer of lounging by the pool.

4. fall has always been my least favorite season. i guess that should be reason number one…

and yet – despite all of this perfectly logical reasoning, i’m having a massive craving for all things fall. i’m not sure what’s wrong with me. i mean who seriously shops for scarves in their spare time when it’s still approximately 102 degrees in the shade? i know this is just a case of the grass is always greener type of thing, and that as soon as it’s cool enough to actually need even a lightweight sweater, (the kind that normal people would call a lightweight spring sweater, yet florida people use as their heavy winter jacket) i’ll be missing bathing suit season. in the meantime though, all i can think about is how much i’d like right now to be all bundled up in the some of the above clothes, walking around campus with a starbucks latte (in one of their holiday cups of course,) with the air feeling crisp and cool, instead of the current muggy heat that feels like walking through a sauna, and that i’m sure we’re stuck with for at least another good 3 or 4 months. sigh.

fyi, i really can’t afford a single thing on this list, except maybe the top, and i’m too cheap for that even, but a girl can dream.

fall fever by Emmy314 featuring striped tops

J Crew striped top
$45 – net-a-porter.com

Trench coat
$119 – llbean.com

J Crew opaque legging
$30 – jcrew.com

$32 – topshop.com

Ugg Australia Schuh
€239 – conleys.de