i do believe the kitten is actually beginning to calm down! she still has her moments of craziness, which can only be described as watching a spring-loaded kangaroo on a trampoline (it’s safest just to take cover and close your eyes when she gets like that) but her main focus is now carrying around her “baby” stuffed animal in her mouth all day.

I love target. this is not new news, but i did recently score a nautical-y themed comforter for under $30 bucks. i get excited about this kind of thing.

I finallyyyy perfect the art of making an iced blended mocha at home. it was pretty darn good, and a whole lot cheaper/bigger than the ridiculous $4 ones from starbucks. (fyi mcdonald’s are better anyway.)

my nautical themed (notice a trend?) mantel display is now complete, after i finally found my monet print that had been missing  behind my dresser. i blame the kitten.

andddd….after only, say, 5 months or so, give or take, i finally completed my DIY scarf and key holder, which is the absolute limit for my craftiness, and should never have taken half as long to complete as it did. this is as martha-y (yes that’s a word) as i get. i’m very proud.