for my very first easy being green post i thought it’d be appropriate to show you guys a really great website that i first got completely hooked on a few years back. it’s called the cosmetics database, and it’s basically a massive online encyclopedia of every beauty, skin, and hair product on the market, and every ingredient they contain. it’s a great site for when you find yourself wondering what those last 30  unpronounceable chemicals actually are on the ingredient’s list for say a shampoo, or lotion. be forewarned though, you might end up wanting to throw out 90% of the products currently sitting on your bathroom counter.

more and more people are aware these days, at least on some level, that many of the ingredients we commonly expose ourselves to every day aren’t exactly healthy or natural, but it’s sometimes pretty shocking what you can find out with just a little research. the cosmetics database works on a system of ratings – 1 being the least harmful to human health, and 10 being pretty much toxic. it also breaks down each individual harmful ingredient, explaining in what ways studies have shown them to be harmful (common ones include reproductive health, neurotoxicity, and cancer causing.)

Lets take a look at exactly how it works. We’ll use some garnier fructis shampoo as an example:

(sorry for the awful quality, click on the picture to make it larger.)

As you can (kind of) see, the overall rating for this product, on the left, is a fairly high 6, meaning it’s not one of the absolute worst products out there, but certainly contains some unhealthy ingredients. the bars on the right hand side show that it has an overall moderate hazard rating, and a very high allergies and immunotoxicity rating.

If you scroll further down, you get a chart of the ingredients, where you can click on the ingredient name to learn more about it, and to read the results of studies done on those particular ingredients.

I’d definitely recommend checking this site out. I know it’s impossible to avoid all products, and you just kind of have to pick your battles at the end of the day. after all no one can realistically get away with only using burts bees products. as a general rule though, it’s good to pay attention to shampoos and conditioners and lotions, as we tend to use these products daily, and nearly 60% of everything that we put on our skin, including our scalp, is absorbed into our blood stream eventually. so do your research before your next shampoo run!