– Eliza

There are some people who, on hearing that they will be attending an event (say, a wedding, birthday party or a 4th of July celebration) would immediately think about when they would need to leave the house to get there on time, or what they should wear and what the weather will be like.  And not to say that I don’t think of those things, but there is one thing that have taken the #1 place on the list of most important, pre-event tasks: thinking about all the incredible pictures I will take.  I admit it.  I’m completely obsessed with photography!  I even took my really nice/expensive camera to a baseball game where I knew that it was going to be poring rain just so that I could get a few shots before I stuffed it in a plastic bag and went running for shelter.  So, even though I knew that there was a big possibility of rain and an even bigger possibility of my camera getting lost or stolen, I took it to the fireworks on the 4th: here are some of the best shots!

   I hope you all had a great Fourth of July!!