Not to downplay kermit’s struggles or anything – after all i cannot claim that i know what it’s like to go through life literally green, and i’m sure it’s just as tough as he claims. however, green is my last name, and i’ve also attempted for pretty much my whole life to live as “green ” a lifestyle as possible, and i so can safetly say that being figuratively green at least, is a piece of cake!

I realized that in my “about me” bio on our blog, i promised to include posts with some of my green living tips and suggestions, and I figure it’s probably about time to get going with that!. in an ideal world, i would love love LOVE to someday write for a magazine or publication that focuses on green lifestyles, organic gardening, healthy eating, etc. in the meantime though, i have this blog! (the nice thing about blogs, as the husband from the movie julie and julia so rightly put it, is that you don’t have to find someone who’s willing to publish you!)

i’m planning to turn this into a  bi-weekly (give or take) column here on one inch apart, where i will be tackling one topic or tip with each post. a lot of these tips might be things you guys already do, but hopefully some of the information will be new,  helpful, easy to use in real life, and hopefully kinda fun!

stay tuned….post #1 should be up with in the next 24 hours:)