– Eliza

Yesterday I was blog browsing when I should have been writing on our blog and I came across a wonderful British WWII era video about hats.  Well, actually it was about the lack of hats due to rationing.  Women’s hat styles of that era were very covering and often had a snood partly due to the condition of women’s hair (shampoos, conditioners and soaps were all among the items that were heavily rationed) and the turban style was one of the most fashionable and popular.  This video showed a woman demonstrating how to make and adorn your own turban with flowers, bracelets and jeweled pins.  The turbans were were made from one or two scarves, twisted, tied and ruffled to make a great substitute for a hat.  I tried three or four of my favorite styles after placing my hair in a simple, black snood and I was very impressed with how simple they were to do and how fabulous they all turned out!

Here are some pictures – enjoy!

Easy to do and oh, so chic!

the “kitty cat” look…personally I think Miss Ida would approve 🙂

The “flower’ look….

and my personal favorite 🙂

Bon soir!