yup – that’s the official diagnosis. straight from the mouth of of the veterinarian herself.  after waiting 45 minutes yesterday for my kitten’s rabies shot, the vet held ida up by the scruff of her neck and said “what a WEIRD kitten.”  then charged me, brace yourself, 120 bucks for the privilege of hearing this highly professional assesment. coencidentelly, that same vet just lost herself one really ticked off patient (not to mention one really traumatized kitten.)

anyway, i have no idea what she was talking about.

we’re anything but weird around here. just look up average, typical, standard, or routine in the dictionary, and you’ll see a picture of our family for each one. duh.

it all started when ida refused to eat a cat treat meant to distract her from the 4 shots she was given. “ida doesn’t eat cat treats,” i said, “she prefers lima beans.”

i think she thought i was kidding. “oh and brocoli with soy sauce too,” i added. and i was serious – ida will eat anything other than milk and cat treats. she really does prefer vegetables…

to prove me wrong i think, the vet then tried to feed her some of that disgusting spray cheese from a can off the tip of her acrylic manicured, hot pink fingers. “ALL kittens love this, just watch!” ida turned up her little nose in disgust and pranced herself right back into her cage, a place she doesn’t normally willingly go to, as if to say “get that nasty stuff away from me woman.”

chillin' in the shower. totally normal.

anyway, i told ida that we didn’t need to pay $120 dollars to be told we’re weird, and gave her my full parental consent to bite the heck out of anyone who ever said that to her again. and to that vet i say, lets see you eat some of that spray cheese out of a can while someone’s sticking needles in you. i doubt you’d like it.

moral of the story? i’ve been called weird enough times throughout my life to cover all of us. and what’s normal anyway? not eating vegetables? i guess so…  anyway, ida and i went home, ate some broccoli and macaroni, and called to inform the vet that sadly we would not be returning. so there.

chowing down on mac and cheese