today should have been a monday in my opinion. at least then it would have had a reasonable excuse for being such a generally lousy day… i expected better from a tuesday…

i guess i’ve just been feeling altogether rather down in the dumps lately (although if you’re my father, that’s a good thing, as the city dump is a popular destination for him, but that’s another story for another time:) ) i think it has something to do with the combination of minimum wage jobs, a wretched case of poison ivy, expensive vet bills, and an unfortunate summer class that’s about as interesting as a bag of hammers. all of those things tend to be gloom-inducing.

what i normally do when i’m bummed out is bake – last time this happened i made a key lime pie and then accidentely on purpose ate the whole thing in two sittings…because i’m the only one who likes it, and it’d be a shame to waste, right?

in the meantime, since key lime pie is unavailable, here are some cheer-inducing thoughts to stay focused on whenever a tuesday feels like a really bad monday:

Listening to Django Reinhardt on a rainy night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpmOTGungnA&feature=related

Next weekend is the 4th of july, and another opportunity to get cool fireworks pics like this one. poor ida will be so terrified…it’s her first 4th of july:(

And speaking of which, it’s pretty impossible to be upset when looking at pictures of kittens in boxes

Oh, and having our blog added to the favorites list of this very awesome blog!  http://thebigmacblog.com/ definitely helps with the tuesday blues:) (check her blog out by the way!)

here’s wishing everyone a very awesome wednesday<3