i have a tendency to shy away from any recipe that looks even the least bit gourmet or fussy. when a recipe says to carefully sift your flour, i just scoop it up and dump it into the bowl. when martha stewart herself says that you must use only the finest Valrhona cocoa powder in a chocolate cake, i use wal-mart brand. so far no one’s died from this or spit anything out in disgust as far as i can tell.

as much as i hate to admit it, i’m more likely to make a rachael ray recipe for dinner, than something from say, giada de laurentiis (even though she annoys the heck out of me, and i cringe a little everytime she says e.v.o.o.) i think i may have a mild case of gourmetaphobia or something, which is why i don’t normally make things like this bread – why go through so much trouble for an appetizer? anything by julia child and featured in the movie julie and julia would surely be hard to make, right? wrong! this is the easiest thing ever. and SO good. even the boyfriend, who swears he hatessss tomatoes gobbled it up. if you think you already know what tomatoes on bread tastes like, you’re wrong, this is so much better than you’d expect, trust me.

try this recipe- i guarantee it’ll seriously kick your run of the mill monday night up a notch or two:)

1 loaf of crusty italian bread

1 glove of garlic

olive oil

assorted chopped tomatoes ( i used a mixture of roma and cherry.)

fresh basil


Chop the bread into thick slices. Heat some olive oil in a pan and fry the bread until just crispy and golden brown. Rub the bread with the garlic clove while still warm. Toss the chopped tomatoes in a small bowl in olive oil, chopped basil, and a little salt, and let marinate for a bit. Then scoop the tomatoes onto the bread, sprinkle with some fresh grated Parmesan cheese, and dig in.