I know that irony shows up in everybody’s life from time to time, but i must say it sure seems like it’s especially prevalent in mine. i try to become blonde, i end up with purple-ish black hair, then when i finally get the color right, i get lice. and that’s just my hair….

just one night before i stupidly smashed my hand and broke it, josh (the boyfriend,) had just been complaining about how much he hates dishes, and how he would rather do literally any chore in the world, including scrubbing toilets, rather than wash dishes.

so of course, as we all know, i broke my hand a few hours later, and literally had doctors orders to not wash another dish (or do anything that would get my cast wet,) for the next 4 weeks. aka, josh not only had to do his, but every dish in the house. haha…the timing was rather amusing, although probably not so hilarious for him:P

during the course of my extremely un-extensive research, i’ve noticed the following 2 rules about men:

a.) their cooking skills and other domestic talents seem to mysterious appear and dissapear with the tides, and only come out of the woodwork when absolutely needed for survival.

 b.)and when they do suddenly recall how to cook, macaroni is always the recipe of choice. is there one guy in the world who doesn’t have a bachelor guy macaroni recipe? according to my research, no.

josh tends to perfectly represent both rule a and b, yet surprisingly, for 4 weeks, the first 2 of which i couldn’t even chop an onion, i was fed fancier meals than i ever have the energy to cook, and the dishes, although occasionally allowed to pile up, were scrubbed clean, dried and put away neatly with minimal complaints. it’s amazing how much better food tastes when you know in the back of your mind while you’re eating  it that you literally can’t help clean up. so thanks josh, for boosting your entire gender’s reputation a little bit, and for making those 4 weeks pretty swell. i almost was sad to see the cast go – almost…