summertime a couple years back


A couple of years ago, a broken hand and a cast halfway up my arm right smack in the middle of summer would have absolutely meant the end of my life. i would have pitched the fit to end all fits, like it was the end of the world. back in those days, i didn’t exactly have what you would call a well sorted list of priorities, but then again, who does in high school? (no offense liza.)

wonder how many bottles of this stuff i went through...

it used to be that goal #1 during each and every summer was to spend my days in the pool, applying boatloads of lemon juice to my hair until it turned a crispy, fried “blonde”, (see above picture) and hanging out with my friends every waking moment  of the day.  minus the lemon juice, which is just never a good idea fyi, that still doesn’t sound too bad, but nowadays i find that my needs are a little more laid back and simple.

i guess going to “real” school for the first time after a life of homeschooling, and working two jobs, just makes me appreciate the heck out of summer, or any downtime i get. even if all it involves is my couch and watching gossip girl re-runs, that always sounds pretty good to me lately. my 16 year old self would be absolutely outraged if she could see me now- 16 year old emmy would never have been content to spend her weekends baking cobblers and reading novels, yet strangely, it suits me just fine now.

so yes, having a cast during summer is annoying, and very itchy i might add, but it’s fine – i’m not dying of boredom as i would have in years past, ( i am, however, stocking up on self tanner  in anticipation for my sure-to-be pasty white hand.) point is – i’m definitely just not one of those people thats gonna be the life of every party, but the simple things in life aren’t half bad. and even if it takes a fractured pinky and a cast to make me slow down and smell the figurative roses, read 4 novels just for fun, and chill inside with my kitten, not getting skin cancer or frying my hair, i think it’s been worth it.