it’s amazing how many times advertisements succeed in convincing me to buy their product, despite my better judgement. take mascara for instance – i’m a complete sucker for those ads. anything promising to deliver thick, perfectly seperated, clump-free, lucious lashes with some outrageous 300% increase in volume, and 9 times out of 10 i’m gonna buy it. if it has pretty packaging, or anything cute or remotely french-y looking in the commercial, i’m sold. forget the fact that i’ve already tried every mascara ever made, and my eyelashes still look like toothbrush bristles, i fall for it every single time.

pretty much the exact same thing happened with this little child.

this is what ida looked like in the shelter; all sad and tiny. she fell into her water bowl in her cage, and when i took her into the play room, she just tucked her tiny little stick tail in between her legs and trembled and shook like a drowned rat. in less than 5 minutes, i was sold. “what a good apartment kitty she’ll be!” we all cooed. “so calm and mellow!”


This is ida now. like so many things, entirely different than what she seemed like in the store. (i don’t think i’ll be getting my security deposit back somehow.)

so my blinds are punched with a million tiny tooth holes and my legs are in shreds, but when else can you get a lifelong friend for 50 bucks? one that will always be there to claw and bite and cuddle and love you?  she’s not what was advertised but just like one of those rare things that’s more awesome in real life than they seemed in the ad – like mr. clean magic erasers or double stuff oreos, i’d say she’s even better.