Well, emmy beat me to the punch here…oh well!  While she was busy running from raindrops and having a session of kitten therapy, I was busy readying the house for out-of-town-company and redecorating my room.  My current obsession is interior design (or as some people like to call, home decorating).  Which ever way you call it, it’s a very fun way to show off your creativity while reinventing the space you live in.  You can completely change the mood of the room by just sticking a vase of flowers on the table or hanging something new on the wall.  My resent redecorating challenge was the latter.

For years and years I have had the same bulletin board and framed poster hanging on the wall over my computer and trust me, it HAD TO GO!  I’ve had an idea of what I wanted to hang there for a while but never got around to actually doing it.  But finally, the time had come!  So, I took down the bulletin board, carefully removed everything that was on it, either stored it or tossed it (most was stored and will probably be tossed when I get around to cleaning out my junk holder, aka my desk.  But that’s another matter altogether that will be addressed in the near future), took down the poster, printed out some really pretty fashion prints, trimmed them to the right size, stuck some tape on the backs and slapped them up on the wall!  Then I decided to removed the giant tissue paper pom pom and hang up a vintage bird cage that had been looking for a place to call home in my room for a long rime.  The final step was to print out some vintage VOGUE covers and photos from the 1950s and hang them in various places in my room.  Viola!  All was complete!  Just after I finished doing this, I went out on the porch to read Julie & Julia and a few minutes after that my mom came running out and said that there was water pouring from the second story onto the computer.  So (long story short), we mopped up the floor (and the ceiling), dried off the computer (which miraculously still works), got our neighbor to temporarily fix the air conditioner (which caused the whole debacle), changed clothes, got everything together and left for the airport with a few minutes to spare.

We got to the airport just in time to pick up my cousin-aunt (she’s really my cousin but feels more like an aunt) and we came home for some fresh butterbeans from the garden, fresh homemade bread, fresh cucumber salad and honey from our bee hives!  We had a great day despite a few hitches along the road!