so…it looks like i’ve beaten liza in becoming  the first one to write the veryyy first post on our little blog! i was completely expecting it to be the other way around, since a. i’ve been pretty busy all week running back and forth from job #1 to job #2, and b. i spent about 45 hours over the last few days obsessively re-writing and and re-editing the “about us” page trying to make it sound as good as i’d imagined. man..good thing i don’t do online dating where i’d actually have to write a good bio, that would be a major fail…

so yesterday evening there was a CRAZY thunderstorm around here – seriously one for the books.  ever since i got my cast on for my broken hand, i’ve had to be paranoid and obsessive about not letting a single drop of water get on it (apparently really gross things happen to skin in a wet cast…) well, as soon as i got into publix yesterday, the hugest torrential downpour started, so i had to sneakily rip off like 40 plastic bags you’re supposed to put your produce in, and stuff them in my purse, since i’d left my umbrella at my mom’s house, who’d told me there was “no way i’d be needing it.” sorry publix for stealing like half your fruit bags, hope you understand. trying to sprint up 2 flights of stairs, while dodging the grape sized hail that also started pouring down, lugging a soggy wet 40 pound grocery bag, with one entire arm wrapped up like a mummy arm in fruit bags? yeah, cast+ torential downpour= no good.

by the time i got inside, my poor kitten, ida, who’s only seen rain once in her whole 3 months of life, was having a complete fit, running in circles like a crazy woman, and chattering at the hail bouncing around on our balcony. i think she was a tad confused. anyway, i explained to her that hail is normal, and she comforted herself down by scampering up and and down my legs a few times like i was a tree, and then everything was fine.

oh yeah, and i made a blackberry cobbler, which fortunately was soooo good that it made the ordeal completely worth it!